Here is a list of letters and testimonies sent and spoken before my city during our local folk’s six month struggle fighting to stop work on several current 5G/4G “small” cell antenna permit applications, and trying to get our points added to a new wireless ordinance that was to include so-called “small” cells. We worked against an industry friendly city lawyer and city council and planning staff whom did nothing to serve the local residents and was advised by their legal counsel to sabotage public due process by keeping the entire 5G/4G development under wraps.

We did manage to get an addition to the wireless ordinance that included a 250’ setback for residential units, but it was referenced as a ‘preference’, and we all know what that means. But myself and our local grassroots movement went through the entire process and fulfilled and ‘exhausted all our remedies’ and have by now created strong precedence for securing both our lawful and legal position if and when time comes to file notices of any kind. The entire process of course is new for everyone involved as no one has ever in the history have had to fight such a monstrous telecommunications-government “shleaders” (sheeple + leader) from the position of a simple homeowner. Which means the globalist elite have managed to encroach upon our very places of dwelling for every innocent human citizen living on this planet earth.

There are two general issues at stake and they are, one, dealing with the installed or going to be installed 5G/4G “small” cell antennas in your neighborhood and/or town, and the second one is, making suggestions to change your city’s wireless telecommunications facilities ordinance to make it protective of the residents from encroaching 5G/4G wireless facilities.

There are also several tactics that can also be used for the stopping of and/or removing of current 5G/4G “small” cell antennas. Currently, to date, a few folks working on this have discovered a unique opportunity and ability to demand removal of antennas found placed above powerlines. The melding of a powered equipment, the cell antennas, with powerlines is a breach of OHSA code violations. After the FCC Report and Order was overturned on August 2019, D.C. Circuit Court made a decision the Environmental Assessment (EA) is required for all 5G/4G “small” cell, cell tower applications. This also applies for ones already installed. You can ask your city to make this demand to show proof of NEPA compliance with the submittal of a completed and approved Environmental Assessment (EA) report.

For any currently installed or to be installed 5G/4G antennas, the final enforcement if you wish to exercise is up to you. Our options seem limited, deliberately made so of course, but we can still be creative. Any new idea to stop any part of the 5G/4G deployment can and should be entertained. I am providing you what we have done and to show you the process we went through. Therefore, if your city is not amenable to working with you, you can attempt stop work demands through possible filing of injunctions, lawsuits, and/or Notice of Liabilities. Each follows its own timeline, costs, and level of involvement. I cannot give legal advice so the final action is up to you and your local group.

In this Take Action in Your Local City section, you will find:
1. The Initial “Demand to Stop Work” letter submitted at the very first meeting before the City Council
2. My testimonies to the planning commissioners and city council members
3. Three letters to demand NEPA compliance
4. Letter of response by the city attorney & rebuttal – coming soon
5. Edits to the city’s Draft Ordinance
6. Published outreach letter to the residents
7. Testimonies to other cities – Sacramento, Elk Grove
8. Less than 1-minute video interview of Dr. Gunnar Heuser on how 2G, the MD responsible for the brain scans, showed damage to the brains of fire fighters which led to the development of the International Fire Fighter’s Resolution against cell tower placement on fire stations

Documents To Download


Demand To Stop Work

Demand to Stop Work (9-3-19), Download


Testimony 1-14-20 City Council, Download

Testimony 9-3-19 City Council, Download

Testimony 9-24-19 City Council, Download

Testimony 10-23-19 Planning Commission, Download

Testimony 12-11-19 Planning Commission, Download

Cease & Desist Letters

Cease & Desist Letter I (11-1-19), Download

Cease & Desist Letter II (11-29-19), Download

Cease & Desist Letter III (12-24-19 Pollock), Download

Draft Ordinance Letter

Listed Edits to Draft Ordinance 1-19-20, Download

Outreach Letter 

Published Outreach Letter to Davis Residents, Download

Testimony to Sacramento

Testimony to Sacramento 1-18-20, Download
Testimony 1-28-20 City Council, Download

Lena Interview Videos

Dr. Heuser Testimony on 2G Technology

Lena created this video, less than a minute long, as part of her 3-minute testimony before the city, View