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Lena Pu, founder of Lena’s Fabulous Frequencies, environmental science researcher and citizen journalist, investigates the science of natural versus manmade frequencies, earth sciences, geopolitical influences, human lifestyle and wellness. A strong believer of conducting primary research and study in order to fully understand the subjects of interest, she applies the scientific method in her approach in all fields of research dissecting and constructing theories, fact finding, developing solutions and answers to everyday problems and those hidden from sight. Lena brings a unique synthesis the deep web of politics, science, legal, technology and history, but more importantly, finding and offering solutions to help elevate humanity above the contrived matrix.

Lena grew up in the foothills of Tennessee. She spent most of her formative years finding every excuse to be outdoors. Surrounded by rolling hills, lush forests and bodies of water, nature nurtured her throughout childhood and taught her all the lessons she needed to learn about life, and what it takes to respect it. She never realized how crucial these memories are today especially when all of life on earth is threatened from existence and every lesson she’s ever learned passively are now being tested into action of the most urgent kind.

This is the purpose of the website and why it was created.

My deep dive into the invisible world of electromagnetic energy, frequencies and vibrations, and their significance began when I became electrically sensitive around the year 2011. Researching the world of energies led me to quickly realize I had stumbled upon a treasure trove of hidden knowledge deliberately suppressed from the whole of education. Electromagnetics should have been a foundational subject taught in school alongside chemistry, biology and physics. Understanding such basic science is foundational in helping anyone make informed decisions in everything we do in life such as better environmental management, product development, energy production. In other words, being able to create a truly sustainable world and so much more, if we only knew. But repression of these secrets to the keys of what life is really made of, were hidden, and the material world promoted with deliberation. It is during this time I also realized it is time to share what are some of the truths handed to me that the world will benefit knowing. Thank you for visiting. I hope at the very least, you find confirmation in the things you already know in your heart to be true, and at most, discover something new, and at best, something revelatory.

Our planet is under serious threats. The level of evil and depravity finding their way into all levels of influence and leadership worldwide happened through centuries of organized crime and occult secret societies working to deceive a willfully ignorant society of people. We no longer can feign ignorance, nor give excuse ‘we didn’t know’. The crime scenes have been exposed, the criminals found. It is time to act. Acquiesce is consent and we no longer give consent through neglect and inactivity. We no longer acquiesce to a world filled with hopelessness and fear but bring upon it the powers of our intentions where all sentient life shall flourish with vitality on, in, above, under and around the earth. We shall awaken, shake off the veil of deceit and exercise our God given sovereign rights as pure and unadulterated men, women, and children, as beings of love and light.

Darrell Y. Hamamoto, PhD is Professor Emeritus at the University of California, Davis where he enjoyed a successful career as a trenchant social and cultural critic. As Associate Editor and Researcher with Lena’s Fabulous Frequencies, Professor Hamamoto brings his investigative skills to bear on a wide variety of issues concerning the assault on free humanity. With a publication record that spans almost four decades, his major books, monographs, creative projects, and lectures continue to inspire scholars and laymen alike.

With the publication of his trail-blazing book Servitors of Empire (2014), Professor Hamamoto forced a fundamental rethinking of Asian American history in academic scholarship. He successfully challenges the characterization of Asian Americans as historical victims and instead provides an incisive but disturbing examination of individual complicity in undermining the political and economic freedoms protected by the US Constitution while providing the science and technological labor that has come to enslave the population in fields ranging from IT to AI. His innovative approach already has influenced other independent researchers to examine the New World Order from a truly global perspective in which Asia has played a central role. Professor Hamamoto continues to press forward creatively in pursuing new leads that will yield original insights into the inner workings of the culture, society, and politics.

Professor Hamamoto maintains an intense interest in music performance, cinema, and literature. Among his current interests is research into the salutary influence of sound and light frequencies on human behavior. A modest music and cinema production studio forms the nucleus of his investigations. Hamamoto is an inveterate archivist of sound processing devices, recording equipment, and software. Currently, he is realizing a media project that synthesizes these related interests while advancing his contributions to the research field he calls New World Order Theory.

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