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By joining, this site gives you exclusive access to the 27 page “Notice of Liability for Non-Consent & Injury” by wireless radiation, the document many of you have been waiting for. It can be used against deployment of 5G near your home, community, school, in “space”, and so much more. It is not limited to 5G but to all other wireless technologies. It is also international in scope meaning you can use this in any country. In addition to the document, this site also provides instructions on the filing process, Q&A, how to rebut against industry and government arguments and myths, and the many layers of the secret sauce that makes this Notice of Liability so extraordinary. You will not find another document written with such breadth and depth that strikes at the very heart of the matter in so many ways it will leave you enlightened, and at best, inspired.

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You will be treated with new material to help guide you through this process of attaining your sovereign rights under Common Law and Nature’s Law as you exercise your non-consent against injustices related to electronic harassment, complete loss of privacy and autonomy, endangerment and harm to all life on earth.



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Discussion of likely future scenarios brought on by the Deep State in response to the COVID-19, the developing knowledge surrounding the virus itself, how problems with 5G deployment aggravates the problem and synergistic multi-plex weaponry made possible with the binary system of combining frequencies with bio-engineered viruses, all stemming from military based research and how humanity should respond.

Discussion on the difference between healing frequencies versus the harmful ones, and how we need to understand them in order to find true health and reasons for fighting against the artificial wave forms, the reality of the 5G situation in China and their people’s health challenges with the COVID-19, and how truly deeply the nefarious technology and intentions are and what their idea of the end game is.

Lena’s groundbreaking debut revealing for the first time her primary blood research, connections to a Nazi history and roots, basic outline of understanding what is 5G, the health risks and its connection to the Internet of Things and how the transhumanist movement is going to quickly change not only how humans see themselves and their world, but how they could become one with the machine if we don’t wake up to their reality.

My Research

WiFi In Schools Blood Study

60 GHz The Real Story

Mycelium: The Earth's IOT



With boots on the ground, follow us here on adventures through the hallways of local public schools, private schools, the State Capitol, the campus of the University of California, and most recently my own town hall meetings where I began the fight against the 5G/4G “small” cells deployment with the local grassroots movement I founded. Here you will find records of testimonies, both video and written to help equip you with some tools for your own grassroots movement where ever you may live. Remember, no one can take better care of your town, county and state than you!