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Highlight Interviews & Presentations

Discussion of likely future scenarios brought on by the Deep State in response to the COVID-19, the developing knowledge surrounding the virus itself, how problems with 5G deployment aggravates the problem and synergistic multi-plex weaponry made possible with the binary system of combining frequencies with bio-engineered viruses, all stemming from military based research and how humanity should respond.

Discussion on the difference between healing frequencies versus the harmful ones, and how we need to understand them in order to find true health and reasons for fighting against the artificial wave forms, the reality of the 5G situation in China and their people’s health challenges with the COVID-19, and how truly deeply the nefarious technology and intentions are and what their idea of the end game is.

Lena’s groundbreaking debut revealing for the first time her primary blood research, connections to a Nazi history and roots, basic outline of understanding what is 5G, the health risks and its connection to the Internet of Things and how the transhumanist movement is going to quickly change not only how humans see themselves and their world, but how they could become one with the machine if we don’t wake up to their reality.


5G & The Wuhan Debacle, February 19, 2020, with Lena Pu

Interview by Judith Kwoba of Nightflight

Please Note: The subject of blood effects from microwave exposures, sunlight, infrared to UV light, microbes and vitamin D were all discussed in this interview and the timing was fortuitous because these very effects are finally coming to light months after my February interview with Judith Kwoba of Nightflight. In April, doctors and surgeons all over the world are finally coming forth sharing their discoveries the true nature of the so-called COVID-19 disease and deaths are stemming from blood issues, specifically blood clotting, or thrombosis. I discuss this very phenomenon the blood coagulation, clotting, sticky blood issues are attributed to the wireless exposures to the microwave frequencies and the newly introduced 5G and its associated millimeter waves. The real cause of disease I described months before any actual diagnosis or surgeries proved it to be true.

About the Transcription: This transcribed article, later edited, is based on my interview with Judith Kwoba of Nightflight that was performed on February 19, 2020. We addressed current topics such as the novel coronavirus in Wuhan, China that seemed to have started around December 2019, an “outbreak” that seemed to take place on the heels of the 5G deployment in October 2019, a few months earlier.

No 5G Australia by Lena Pu (Published by Nina Nyback)

Dear Readers of “No 5G Australia”,
What an incredible moment in time we are experiencing. There is a literal shift happening in every fold of existence from planetary alignments to the microscopic air we breathe. Everything about our world is being challenged and nothing will come forth unchanged. How we come out of this is up to us, the individual, as this is clearly no longer a spectator sport. We are each responsible for the future we bring. Our world has reached a crossroad and each person is forced to make a choice. The “matrix” is about to get real. Humanity has been operating moving along the path designed by corporate
interests backed by the cabal. Our lifestyle, jobs, education, finances have all been designed and controlled by these human handlers Over the last century, we have been absorbing the programming, now embracing the idea that human progress mean humans must meld with machine as a natural next evolution. This seemingly necessary step involves a recombinant future with the AI, or Artificial Intelligence, and a new human race altered and subjected to genetic engineering, manipulation and material will emerge from this most unholy union.

Anything “real”, even the meaning of the word itself has always been a threat to the globalist’s plan. And so they pervert it as they do all the other wholesome words like “sustainability”, “cell”, “smart”, “cloud” and so forth.

Beauty, Consonance, Proportion (by Darrell Y. Hamamoto)

For this inaugural essay composed for the launch of Lena’s Fabulous Frequencies, I oddly was transported back to the medieval world. Of course it is pure fantasy on my part. For I know the “medieval” and the Classical age that influenced it only through fiction and its close cousin, historical scholarship. The ghost of the late Umberto Eco came to mind since he enjoyed success both as a writer of fiction and as a scholar. I thought of Eco because he embraced medieval aesthetics at a moment in civilizational history where dissonance, malformation, and brutality in both the fine arts and in the larger popular culture have become the norm.

The technology that promised to relieve the tedium and toil of the pre-modern age now threaten humanity and the natural world with annihilation. But in the fiction-world of Eco, letters and manuscripts as wielded by schemers and intriguers are the most effective weapon in the dispatch of rivals and enemies. His best-selling mass-market debut In the Name of the Rose (1983) and later novels such as Foucault’s Pendulum (1989) and The Prague Cemetery (2011) exemplify his being steeped in a medieval aesthetic suffused with beauty, consonance, and proper proportion.

My Research

WiFi In Schools Blood Study

60 GHz The Real Story

Declassified Military Research and More



With boots on the ground, follow us here on adventures through the hallways of local public schools, private schools, the State Capitol, the campus of the University of California, and most recently my own town hall meetings where I began the fight against the 5G/4G “small” cells deployment with the local grassroots movement I founded. Here you will find records of testimonies, both video and written to help equip you with some tools for your own grassroots movement where ever you may live. Remember, no one can take better care of your town, county and state than you!